Final Results – 2016 POTB Cowboy Game Picks

The biggest highlight from the Cowboys’ Sunday game against rival Eagles was the Tony Romo drive that resulted in a beautiful TD pass.  Otherwise, the game was pretty sloppy given that Mark Sanchez was at the helm for most of the game.  While he was able to avoid a repeat the infamous “butt fumble”, he was unable to produce much offense.   However, the goal was to keep the team healthy as the Cowboys head into the playoffs as the top seed.   Something the entire POTB team is happy about.

In terms of POTB picks, Jesse ends up being the top dawg with a 10-6 record.  That will give him bragging rights for a while.

Well, we all wish the Cowboys good luck in the playoffs.  The POTB team will certainly be discussing the Cowboys playoff run in coming episodes, so stay tuned!

The POTB team


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