2016 POTB Cowboy Game Picks thru Week 10

The Cowboys continue to roll with another win.  This week it was against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Dak showed plenty of poise, unlike many rookie QBs.

As for the POTB team, everyone had predicted a loss against the Steelers.  Of course, no one could not have foreseen the Steelers coming off a bad loss the previous week or that the Cowboys would be on 7-game winning streak.  Despite the incorrect predictions, the entire POTB team is glad that the Cowboys won.

After 10 weeks, Jesse is still the top dog with a 5-4 record.  David and Gabe are still at 4-5.   However, things may be shaken up a bit next week when the Cowboys play the Ravens.  Gabe is the only one who predicted a win.  We all hope he is right.  Stay tuned!

Predictions through week 10

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