2016 POTB Cowboy Game Picks thru Week 5

Before the regular season started, Jesse, Gabriel, and David predicted that the Cowboys would be NFC East Champs for the 2016 Season.  They also predicted the outcome of every Cowboy game.  Every week, we will track to see how they are doing in their predictions.

Through week 5, the Cowboys are 4-1, which Jesse predicted.  However, he predicted a win over the Giants and a Redskins loss.  Yet, he is ahead with a record of 3-2.  Gabriel and David are tied with a respectible 2-3 record.

Here are their predictions for the remainder of the season:


Throughout the season, we will update this graphic after each Cowboy game to see which POTB member was right …and who was wrong.  Regardless, let’s all cheer for the Cowboys to continue to dominate, and listen to our latest POTB episode here where we surely will be talking about the Cowboys.



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