Episode 9: Cut the cord already!

In this week’s episode, Jesse is joined by co-host Jose Leos as well as Gabriel Morales and David Lerma to discuss:

  1. The Dallas Cowboys so-far – after a week 1 loss against the Giants and a narrow win against the Redskins on the road.  Will they cut the Tony Romo cord?
  2. The iPhone 7 cut the cord on the earbuds – are we buying in?  Who’s with them?  [crickets]
  3. Cutting the Cable Cord – 2 of us are cable cutters – where do we get our content and what did we lose in the process.

In our Around the Bus segment we also discuss the viral story of the 89-year old “paletero” (ice cream man) whose GoFundMe account topped out at $385K!  We also talk Plex and how that plays into a stronger case for cable cutting.  Colin K. makes an appearance as well as we discuss the ongoing protest.  Lastly, we talk about cutting the gas cord, err, well at least the likelihood of buying an electric car.

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