Episode 7: Dallas Cowboys 2016 Season of Hope or Fantasy

In this episode, Jesse and Jose are joined by Gabriel Morales and David Lerma to discuss:

  • The 2016 Dallas Cowboys upcoming season – what to like and what not to like.  We each share our own general prognostications about the season, how Tony Romo’s injury will impact the offense and if Dak Prescott is the future of the franchise.
  • Fantasy Football – why do we play and is it really like Fight Club?  We try to convince David that “everyone is doing it” and he needs to just try it.  #peerpressure
  • Coffee Talk – Why we like it, how we drink it and how that relates to our childhoods.
  • Around the Bus – queue the diesel engine – each of the guys walk through a guilty pleasure or commentary on what’s going on with each of them.  We talk the Google Gboard, How not to Die, Paleo or Bust and the great, and late, Gene Wilder
  • Shout Outs!

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