Episode 6: The Rio ’16 Grande of Hope and Corruption

In this episode, Jesse and Jose are joined by Gabriel Morales and David Lerma to discuss the games of the 31st Olympiad in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. This week, we discuss:

  • Olympic Glory – some notable stories behind several of the major Olympic events including gymnastics, swimming, basketball and track and field
  • Corruption, Corruption – every nation has some – how do the IOC transgressions over the years impact your viewing experience of these games? Jesse asks the question – who cares?  Does it “tip the emotional scales” that causes you to stay away or do we accept that this is an element in every human endeavor
  • Game of Thrones – Winter is Coming – Season 1, Episode 1 – in this segment Jesse hears from Gabe, Dave and Jose on their homework from the last 2 weeks – watch the first episode of GOT and see – does it hook you?  Each of the guys shares their newbie experience to the wildly successful HBO series.  Will the guys like it as much as Jesse or is it 3 thumbs way down.
  • Around the Bus – queue the diesel engine – each of the guys walk through a guilty pleasure or commentary on what’s going on with each of them.  We talk Coffee, Night of (HBO), Rio hopes and camping Oklahoma style.
  • Shout Outs!

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