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The People on the Bus Podcast

People on the Bus Podcast provides the regular guy’s unique view of everyday things.

Hosted by Jesse Gonzalez and Jose Leos, two childhood friends whose love for sports, tech, and entertainment has brought them together again.

Jesse Gonzalez

Jesse is a Dallas-Ft. Worth Metro-based IT professional who is always looking for adventure.  He’s done everything from stand-up comedy to pushing the envelop by requesting a jury trial for a traffic ticket.

Jose Leos

Jose is a SF-based tech geek, runner, and entrepreneur that someday hopes to become Pope …for the fancy hats.


David Lerma

David is an Austin-based IT professional who spends his time devising new and different ways to express his feelings towards Dallas Cowboy’s Owner, CEO, and GM Jerry Jones.

Gabriel Morales

Gabriel Morales is a Phoenix-based IT professional and the president of the Jameill Showers fan club.